Thursday, December 21, 2006


Bangabandhu is the father of the nation. So this country belongs to Bangabandhu. He may be dead but his heirs are alive. Bangladesh Awami League (BAL) is there. So Bangabandhu’s living daughter Sheikh Hasina and BAL are the owner of this country and of the power of this country.BAL will never tolerate anybody else in the power.

For last five years, BNP held the power by force because, they say, they won majority of the parliamentary seats in the rigged election of 2001. Though Bangadesh Awami League shown stronger muscle and louder media voice, they did not respond to our call to give us back our power. Now, BAL will teach them a lesson.

Some elements go saying that BAL doesn’t follow democracy and democratic rules. They are ignorant. They should know that democracy itself has been patented to Bangladesh Awami League. So whatever BAL does that has to be democracy. You know Bangabandhu made BAKSAL in 1975 and exercised, they say, autocratic power. We call it democracy. Sheikh Hasina is the daughterl of that democracy. So, what else should be the ideology of her party! Awami house is full of democracy. Each and every leader and worker of BAL bears democracy full of mouh. You won’t find so much democracy anywhere else.BAL doesn’t like hartal or oborodh. BAL knows that people suffer unthinkably. Moreover, hartal and oborodh strips people of their democratic rights. Bangladesh would never be liberated unless Babgabandhu did it. No other family gave so much blood for this country. Even then, these people did not cast their vote in favour of Bangabandhu’s party in 2001! They must not belong to this country. By casting their vote they robbed Awami League of the power of this country, they drove BAL away from the right to power of the country. BAL has no duty, no mercy to these people. They must suffer. And this treats them right.

Bangladesh Awami League doesn’t want constitution. Bangladesh Awami League doesn’t want democracy. Bangladesh Awami League doesn’t need them. Bangladesh Awami League needs only power. We have sent our neutral agents to the Advisory Council to make the Chief Adviser know that. But instead of listening to them he listens to the constitution. Chief Adviser, you better quit, you must quit. BAL will find its way to appoint an obedient and neutral Chief Adviser. He will arrange transfer of power to Bangladesh Awami League.

And that is the secret key to peace.