Saturday, November 25, 2006


Around six months back (I don’t remember the date) there was news in the newspapers about an international conspiracy disclosed by one eminent person. That the CTG would fail to fulfill the neutral demands of Awami League - and it would end its tenure with no elections. Some of the internaional bodies would step in to patronise formation of an “interim government” headed by an internationally well known person (Dr. Kamal Hossain), supported and encouraged by Awami League led by Sheikh Hasina. Situation favourable to BNP would change to situation favourable to Awami League. Then elections would be held. With Awami League in the power Dr. Kamal Hossain would be the President of the country. He is getting older and hasn't much time in hand before his death.


One Mr. Gautam from India wrote an article in the online edition of The Japan Times on 19th November about situations in Bangladesh. He explained that Islamic fundamentalists and militants are trying to grab power in Bangladesh and Sheikh Hasina’s movement is opposing. This may be a part of a larger propaganda mission targetted to create international consensus in favour of postponing the election due in January.